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Uses for the Biminiclips

 Another great product
A clip for your flag
for your Bimini or Tower

Shoot us an email and tell us how YOU use your clips.





Welcome to Biminiclip

Clip towels, wet shirts or any other fabric to your bimini top.

Strong and durable Biminiclips holds on in windy conditions or while underway up to 50 mph.

Easy removal, just pull up on one side to pull off and molded ABS for UV Resistance

Classic Biminiclip will fit 7/8" tubing

2 new colors now available     [see]

  NOW ONLY $11.00 ea. Pack! 

New size now available - fits 1" Tubing
Large Whitebiminiclip Large Blackbimini clip Large Navybimini clip

Pack of 6 1" white bimini clips.

Pack of 6 1" black bimini clips.

Pack of 6 1" navy bimini clips.
Classic Biminiclip - fits regular 7/8" Tubing
Green Biminiclip Error: Data not available (103) Blue Biminiclip

Pack of 6 green bimini clips.
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Pack of 6 blue bimini clips.
White Biminiclip Black Biminiclip Red Biminiclip

Pack of 6 white bimini clips.

Pack of 6 black bimini clips.

Pack of 6 red bimini clips.
Teal Biminiclip Orange Biminiclip

Pack of 6 teal bimini clips.

Pack of 6 orange bimini clips.
Gray Biminiclip Beige Biminiclip  Navy Biminiclip 

Pack of 6 gray bimini clips.

Pack of 6 beige bimini clips.

Pack of 6 navy bimini clips.